Ok, if you love Hello Kitty like I do, you have heard about the Sanrio x Dr. Martins! But they only come in two (2) styles, the mary jane stlye and the boot style. Well I really want the boot style one! The price of it is $125 but I am now at the moment ready to buy my own laptop! Well it would be a netbook to be exact! The model is "Toshiba mini NB505-N500BL." It has almost every thing that I could want. It has a webcam and a decent sized keyboard. And Consumer Reports says that it is the #1 netbook and it is best for the easiest typing ans navagation! Yay! But besides that I really want the ones with all of the characters on it, not the other ones with the solid color (black or white) with Hello Kitty's bow on the side. Well you can see a picture of the boots at http://www.nylonmag.com/?parid=4739&section=article. Well that is all for now! Oh and heads up I might change the name of my website from "Kawaii Gal" to "Kawaii Island"... and I might even change the address to the website... but if you visit the old address you can have a link to the to the new one! YAY!!! So please visit me back soon!!!

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