Hello. I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I love kawaii things and I made this blog for a reason. I am really board right now! The only reason is that it has snowed on Kawaii Island. I am tending to get board becasue my classes were cancled today. And I have been watching kawaii news on my pink T.V. in my bedroom all day. Now I decied to go on the computer. I just wanted to tell you,my loyal followers to have a very happy and wonderful Valentines Day! I don't think I can make it to my blog on that day, because I have something special planned. But that is a secret. So, I just wanted to tell you about my biggest fan! Her name is Giselle. She always comes to my blog. She is always so happy. She lives on Kawaii Island with me and she is in my class at school. Well her shout out is "I loves pancakes!" I love pancakes too! If you want to become the fan of the week go look at the tab on your left side of the screen. Thanks & happy Valentines Day!

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