Ok I found this cute website! It is http://oldcomics.everydaycute.com/ 
Well I thought that I would share it with you! enjoy!
P.S. I had a snow day from school and I am really bored!
Lin’s grandfather Artis lifted the lid from the long, narrow box. Inside, on a cushion of velvet, lay a sword.

“This is your ancestor’s blade, Lin.” said Artis, tilting the box so the sword caught the light. The blade was three feet long and mirror bright. The light caught by its surface seemed to reflect back distorted, as if coming from farther away then it should. The hilt was worked into the flowing lines of a tree branch. “It was forged by…well, the important thing is what it was forged for. It’s a mage-killer, a weapon made to slay wielders of magic.”

“But grandpa, magic doesn’t exist, not really,” protested Lin, running her fingers delicately along the metalwork of the pommel. It was still a beautiful weapon, more art than utility.

“No, not anymore,” he answered.

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