Dear Loyal Followers of Kawaii Island:
I am sad to announce but I am shutting down my blog. That means as of July 1, 2011, you have only two weeks to enjoy my blog one last time. I am sorry for any inconvience, but I have put this off for so long. I am not going to be posting anymore. But out of this saddness comes some good, I found a cute blog that is almost like mine. the link is Since I am very good friends with the blogger of that blog, kawaii, I am allowed to post anything anytimel. I will be sure to post at least once a month. I am sorry again, and if you have any comments please leave them. You may be able to change my mind, but you only have 2 weeks. That means on July 15, 2011, I will take this blog off the internet. I am sorry but you can change the fate of this blog.

Best regards,
Princess Kawaii
the link is go visit there right now! I dare you! I guarantee that it is super cute! Go. Hey!  Why are you here? I told you to go! Yeah, that's right, you better run there! 

heart it (WHI) website. You can visit my page on the WHI website by clicking the widget on the right side of the page that says
"/kawaiigal - Kawaii Gal" and "we♥it" In order the items listed are:
1 > live to laugh and love in a cute script font
2 > cute blog link
3 > *crown* material girls *crown* with little crowns on the side!
so these are them! :
1 > ℓινє тσ ℓαυgн αи∂ ℓσνє
2 >
3 > ♛Material Girls♛ 

Well that is all for now, BYE!!!
Well all of my hard work from November of 2010 untill now is all gone! I am so sad about it I though that it would be nice to chace the websites name... And I can't do any thing about it! I am so upset! I will try to check all of my files on my USB drive for them but I don't know if I saved them. well please fill out the poll below so I can see if you, my royal followers (yes, you are all royal on Kawaii Island), want all of the hard work and effort back if I can get it back.
Ok, if you love Hello Kitty like I do, you have heard about the Sanrio x Dr. Martins! But they only come in two (2) styles, the mary jane stlye and the boot style. Well I really want the boot style one! The price of it is $125 but I am now at the moment ready to buy my own laptop! Well it would be a netbook to be exact! The model is "Toshiba mini NB505-N500BL." It has almost every thing that I could want. It has a webcam and a decent sized keyboard. And Consumer Reports says that it is the #1 netbook and it is best for the easiest typing ans navagation! Yay! But besides that I really want the ones with all of the characters on it, not the other ones with the solid color (black or white) with Hello Kitty's bow on the side. Well you can see a picture of the boots at Well that is all for now! Oh and heads up I might change the name of my website from "Kawaii Gal" to "Kawaii Island"... and I might even change the address to the website... but if you visit the old address you can have a link to the to the new one! YAY!!! So please visit me back soon!!!
Ok if you have a AOL account you already know, well sort of... So there are some new backgraounds or themes at the AOL homepage! YAY! THEY ARE REALLY CUTE!!! the links are below to find them and many more!
Well that is all for now be back soon!
Omg! Pacman is on Google today! It says that it is a Mini version of game shaped like the Google word and is originally created as an animated logo for the game's 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010. Well that is all for now!
P.S. The link is
I found this website called It is a website where you bid on free things with credits that you buy or get free! If you want to join go to the "kawaii website" tab and go to where the banners are, click the banners and you can help me collect credits while you get extra credits too! yay! The only way you can do so is by putting up an auction and then we all get extra credits! I will also become your fan too! I am "kawaiigal", you can search me on the little thingy at the bottom of the page and it reads "Find a User"
P.S. if you join i will send you a little gift to you via e-mail if you join. Also you can click the banner below if you want instead of going to the "kawaii websites" tab!
Hello. I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I love kawaii things and I made this blog for a reason. I am really board right now! The only reason is that it has snowed on Kawaii Island. I am tending to get board becasue my classes were cancled today. And I have been watching kawaii news on my pink T.V. in my bedroom all day. Now I decied to go on the computer. I just wanted to tell you,my loyal followers to have a very happy and wonderful Valentines Day! I don't think I can make it to my blog on that day, because I have something special planned. But that is a secret. So, I just wanted to tell you about my biggest fan! Her name is Giselle. She always comes to my blog. She is always so happy. She lives on Kawaii Island with me and she is in my class at school. Well her shout out is "I loves pancakes!" I love pancakes too! If you want to become the fan of the week go look at the tab on your left side of the screen. Thanks & happy Valentines Day!
Ok I found this cute website! It is 
Well I thought that I would share it with you! enjoy!
P.S. I had a snow day from school and I am really bored!
Lin’s grandfather Artis lifted the lid from the long, narrow box. Inside, on a cushion of velvet, lay a sword.

“This is your ancestor’s blade, Lin.” said Artis, tilting the box so the sword caught the light. The blade was three feet long and mirror bright. The light caught by its surface seemed to reflect back distorted, as if coming from farther away then it should. The hilt was worked into the flowing lines of a tree branch. “It was forged by…well, the important thing is what it was forged for. It’s a mage-killer, a weapon made to slay wielders of magic.”

“But grandpa, magic doesn’t exist, not really,” protested Lin, running her fingers delicately along the metalwork of the pommel. It was still a beautiful weapon, more art than utility.

“No, not anymore,” he answered.