Hey! If you want to become fan of the month simply fill out the form below. I, Kawaii Gal, will personally look over every entry & hand pick the fan of the month.
How will I know if I won?
A: I will contact you to tell you if you won or not. I will make it known on the update area on the home page of
     this blog that you won. I will also make it know here, on the fan of the month tab.
Q: Can I see who won past fan of the month titles?
A: I will put up the past people who won fan of the month tiltles below the entry form area, so it is on record
     and for you to see.

1. only 1 entry is allowed to be submitted, but you can enter as many people as you want.
2. if there are two of the same entries you may or may not not be be disquallified. I will determine the choce
    of your fate by the surcumstances.
3. you can only be fan of the month once a year.
4. you will be contacted if you win the name of fan of the month via e-mail.

those are all of my rules! Plese fill the form belo if you want to become the next fan of the month!!!

    please fill out this form if you want to become the next FAN OF THE MONTH!!!