Hey if you are going to be making a doodle book on the hints and such on this blog you must give me credit! I will be giving you a picture of the thing I would like you to put on the back cover of your doodle book that you have created or are in the middle of creating. Well I am now accepting custom colors and messages to be put on the the picture for you. Well to get the cutomized picture all  you have to fill out the the form below! yay!
P.S. The next set of instructions are due today but I am really busy so they will be due exactly January 1, 2011! well happy new year if I can't wish it to you!
Ok to start your very own doodle book you need a lot of materials! Here is a list!
  1. a cute notebook that you love
  2. gel pens, markers, pencils, crayons, ect.
  3. stickers
  4. pictures of things you love (examples: your friends & family, your favorite animal, ect.)
  5. examples of things you want to draw (examples: cats, dogs, ect.)
Ok that is pretty much all you need so I will let you get that before my next entry! So get all of that soon, my next entry would be around December 2, 2010! Bye!